Fullscreen VRs

Interactive 360° panoramas with stereo sound

The following is a small showcase of VR Panoramas I created when I ran my VR business from 1995—2006. Most also include DVD-quality embedded audio.

Under Construction

Rather than delay the HTML5 upgrade in 2011, the site went live with all the VR panoramas disabled.

Where approrpriate, I have instead provided a JPEG of the original VR scene.

The reason for the delay is that I need time to experiment with different HTML5 VR playback options. Many solutions are currently limited to iPods/ iPads, or else they only work in Firefox but not in Webkit, or vice-versa.

I plan to re-enable the VR content… eventually =)


Tech Stuff

Unless otherwise noted, all these 360° panoramas were taken using Leica M rangefinder film cameras, with a Leica R 16mm Fisheye-Elmarit lens. The images were assembled by hand in Photoshop CS.

The sounds were recorded using DPA microphones and a variety of digital equipment from a Sony TCD-D8 DAT to an Edirol R-09 24-bit recorder.